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Great Gift Giving Ideas

You found this page because you are looking for a great gift for someone special, or even yourself. Who could be more special than you?

The purpose of this page is to give you some ideas on selecting a great gift.

When giving a gift, people say that it is the thought that counts, but it is much more than that. People want to give gifts that will be cherished and remembered. Quality gifts that can be kept around, will always remind the person getting the gift of the person who gave it. Gift giving should not be taken lightly, as gifts should come from the heart and the message being conveyed in that gift should be loud and clear. The gift should say, “I care”. They should say that I care about your birthday, Christmas, graduation, mother’s day, father’s day, or any other occasion. That is where the problem arises. How many times have you decided on a gift only to change your mind later? Could you get a refund? What about the person it went to? Were they happy or did they put it in a closet somewhere never to be seen again? What about the quality of the gift? What was it made of? What about cost?

All of those questions should be answered by the seller of the gift. Check out the place you are buying from. Do they have a no questions asked return policy? Will they match their competitors prices? Are they reliable?

These are all questions that arise when any of us buy a gift, but our final hope is that the person who gets the gift likes it. You got here to look for some great gift ideas so let’s tackle that right away.

Consider the Person Receiving the Gift

Who is the gift going to? Some people out there are impossible to buy for. It seems as if no matter what you give they are going to be unhappy with it. This is how you should handle this situation:

Find a store that you like and buy a gift certificate. Yup, a piece of paper worth some money. To you it may seem impersonal. That you didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason you gave the certificate is because you couldn’t decide what the person would like. Think about it. We all buy gifts for ourselves on what we like. From clothes to collectibles, we buy what we like. Not what we need but what we want. What greater gift than a gift certificate that allows the person getting the gift to buy for himself/herself? That way they get what they want, and they will always remember the gift came from you. Remove yourself from the buying process unless you are buying for yourself. What does the person like? Almost everyone collects something. No they may not be serious collectors but they have something they like. Is the person a big reader? How about a set of bookends? What about collectible dolls? One person spent a few years in the orient and has many happy memories of that time that they have shared with you. Why not remind them of it with a Japanese Doll? People who love the Southwest would love a bronzelike sculpture or a collectible Native American Doll. How about a painted pony? Does the person collect Eagles? Try giving an Eagle figurine. Lots of people collect cookie jars and tableware. Look for ceramic cookie jars and matching tableware sets. Some people love Dolphins and rightly so. They are magnificent creatures that represent the kindness of places far away. Wolves and Elephants, and all Wild Animal, collectibles and figurines make great gifts to be treasured throughout the years, and when the person looks at the gift, they will always remember you. Does the person like dragons and wizards? Fantasy art is a big collectible area. Why not give a dragon figurine? They are fascinating creatures. Looking for a newborn gift? Why not give a Birthstone Unicorn? Unicorns and Fairies are also great gift ideas. A lot of people love birds and want to give them homes. How about a birdhouse or birdfeeder? These are just a few of the many ideas that are here to give you some direction.

Quality of the Gift

When giving a gift make sure you know what you are purchasing. Manufacturers have all kinds of names that they use when describing their products.

Alabastrite- is a manufacturer’s name for a polyresin stone based material. It can be intricately molded producing great detail. It is paintable. Clean this material by dusting only as the paints are water soluable.

Porcelain- Fine ground white clay. It is molded and oven fired for 8 hours at 1200 degrees. A glaze or underglaze is then added and the piece is returned to the oven one final time to intensify the outer finish.

Exclusive- If the word “Exclusive” appears at the end of a product description, it indicates that the item has been created specifically and exclusively for that distributor.

Hand Painted or Hand Crafted- These items may vary in color or size. As the terms imply, the items made of porcelain, alabastrite, ceramic, stone, glass, etc., are created by various artists and artisans. Each brings an individual and personalized talent to his or her work, making these products truly one of a kind collectors’ items.

Quality of the Website

When visiting a site that you are considering purchasing from, consider the quality of the site. Do the pages load quickly, or do you have to wait an hour to find what you are looking for? Does it look like a mass produced site or does it look like a site that someone has taken the time and effort to build a quality site that offers the products that you want? Look for a 1-800 or other toll free number. Call it. Does a real person answer when you call? Look for a physical address and other contact numbers. Do they offer secure payment pages? PayPal and other secure sites for making payment are important for your integrity and that of the business.


When you are ready to make your purchase, make it with confidence knowing that all the details have been taken care of and you are dealing with a reliable, reputable firm that is in it for the long haul, not some fly by night business hoping to pry some hard earned dollars out of your pocket.

Remember, people want to give gifts that can be cherished and remembered. Gift giving should not be taken lightly. Choose a gift that says “I care”, and you can’t possibly go wrong.

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